instead of learning complicated formulas and arbitrary dates that we never use, someone taught us the blueprint for fulfillment, the key to sustainable happiness and the components to living a happy life regardless of your circumstances?

Because you aren't unhappy, you feel selfish for wanting more.

Believing that happiness isn't attainable for "someone like me" has become an absolute truth.

There is so much you want to do, but you feel mentally and physically exhausted.

Believing that happy people must have special circumstances or privileges. 

Wishing someone had taught you how to deal with anxiety, stress, grief or depression.

Feeling like nothing you've tried, from conventional therapy to Yoga, to maybe even the bad stuff, has led to happiness. 

It isn’t about going to a Yoga class and holding Downward Dog until your arms fall off. It isn’t about reading self-help books until your eyes bleed. It isn’t about playing guinea pig to a system that is structured to profit off of your struggles. It’s about balance. It’s about unlearning everything you thought you knew about life and even about yourself and being willing to start over. 

Believe me, I never thought I could be any happier than the broken-down girl that was standing on that ledge. That’s why I was there. Even the professionals told me I would always have a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) and that it was impossible to overcome. They told me that genuine happiness wasn’t possible for “someone like me.”

I still get anxious from time to time. I still feel depression symptoms occassionally. The difference is that now I have a lifestyle conducive to optimal mental health. I have a toolbox full of skills to combat those symptoms. My Shadow and I are friends now instead of sworn enemies.

Defining yourself as a "glass half full" type of person (you know, the very type that drives you crazy when you're stressed!)

Confidently being able to use easy skills to cope with difficult situations and still maintain your happiness.

Being able to use the science based hacks to manage symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression naturally so that they are no longer disrupting your life.

Feeling happy while doing the dishes or walking the dog.

Knowing which habits are doing the most damage and how to easily change them.

Having the energy and focus to live the life you truly desire.

The Happiness Boost Course

Formulated by someone who has actually been at rock bottom, this is a personal, step-by-step program to help those struggling with stress, anxiety and/or depression develop a lifestyle conducive to optimal mental health to finally start living their happiest lives.

  • Learn my 5 Puzzle Pieces of Happiness framework that took me from being suicidal to being decertified as having a Serious Mental Illness (SMI.)

  • Shift effortlessly from waking up with a mindset of defeat and hopelessness to passion and excitement.

  • Eliminate the things in your life that damage your mental well-being

  • Ditch the fad diets and forced circuits and easily develop habits that you can stick with because you enjoy them.

  • Navigate stress, anxiety and difficult emotions with confidence with the 3 C’s of Sustaining Happiness framework

Dial down the digital. I get the need to socialize with friends. I get wanting to feel “connected” or “informed”, but if your brain is constantly distracted by buzzing and twittering, it will lose the ability to be mindful, one of the biggest skills we can develop for stress reduction and happiness. Turn off social media notifications on your phone and delete or deactivate the chat apps.

Tidy something up. This increases feelings of productivity while reducing the stress and anxiety that subconsciously comes with clutter. Be it cleaning our a drawer or organizing a shelf, it will give you a boost.

Have a serving of berries. Raspberries. Blackberries. Blueberries. It makes no difference. Their flavonoids reduce inflammation which is associated with depression and they are found to have chemicals similar to that of valproic acid, which is a mood stabilizing drug.

Turn up some music and dance. I don’t mean professionally (unless that skill is available to you, of course.) I mean just flailing about and shaking your body with abandon. You can be alone or with your kids or pets but just giving your body a chance to move and giving yourself an outlet for uninhibited expression can be wonderfully therapeutic.

Put on your favorite outfit. Everyone needs a confidence boost sometimes and it is always gratifying to look at yourself in the mirror in that special shirt or pair of jeans. It’s A-ok to dress up for nobody but yourself. If you do go out, people will notice your confidence and that will only elevate you higher.