Hello darlings!

I’m Amanda. After years of therapy, prescriptions, journaling, Yoga and self-help books still left me struggling with unmanageable clinical depression that I masked with drugs, alcohol and self-harm, I stood on the window ledge of a foreign hotel room, ready to end my life.


It took a careful and mindful combination of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes, but I overcame depression and suicide on my own terms. I have helped countless others make sustainable changes that have drastically improved their mental and physical health and, thus, their lives. 


It is my personal mission to help as many people as possible whether you’ve tried everything else and you are feeling lost and defeated or you simply want to reach your highest potential of happiness and self-fulfillment. 


Are you ready to start moving toward your personal happily ever after?

The 5 Puzzle Pieces of Happiness

It’s easy to say, “I’m unhappy and want to be happy”, but that doesn’t give you a clear vision of where you are and where you want to be. The first step is finding your current location, showing you what you’re already doing right (yes, even you!) and helping you analyze areas that need focus while figuring out your destination. Learn about your own personal Happiness Spectrum and how it influences your mood, life satisfaction and general outlook on life. 

There is a very real mind-body connection and if you are depriving your body of certain nutrients or eating foods that cause inflammation, this can show up as symptoms of anxiety and depression. Learn how to eat for optimal mental health without ever counting a dang thing.

The last thing I was thinking about when I was experiencing symptoms of depression was working out. But you can reap the physical and mental benefits even if you don’t have a gym membership or don’t feel like doing circuits from another Insta-trainer.

Once you have a solid foundation, it’s essential that you have all the tools you need to navigate stressful situations (and people) without compromising your happiness. It’s also crucial to know which tools to use during which situations and how to sustain the satisfaction you are building.

We all hold on to things that aren’t serving us. Learn what should get the boot and how to let it go for that final boost to the top of your personal happiness spectrum.

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