Bridging the Gap
Between Mental and
Physical Health

Hello darlings!

I’m Amanda. After years of therapy, prescriptions, journaling, Yoga and self-help books still left me struggling with unmanageable clinical depression that I masked with drugs, alcohol and self-harm, I stood on the window ledge of a foreign hotel room, ready to end my life.


It took a careful and mindful combination of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes, but I overcame depression and suicide on my own terms. I have helped countless others make sustainable changes that have drastically improved their mental and physical health and, thus, their lives. 


It is my personal mission to help as many people as possible whether you’ve tried everything else and you are feeling lost and defeated or you simply want to reach your highest potential of happiness and self-fulfillment. 


Are you ready to start moving toward your personal happily ever after?









If you deprive your body of the essential nutrients that it needs, it isn’t going to function optimally. Period. There is a reason that the acronym for the Standard American Diet is SAD.

My last full panel blood panel left the doctor and nurse calling me “freakishly healthy.” Let me show you how nutrient deficiencies can severely affect not only your physical body but your mental state as well. 

The Practice


When we think of fitness, we are prone to think of running 5k marathons and lifting weights for an hour. While that might absolutely be what is best for some, fitness is not a one size fits all. We have different goals and lifestyles. Let me help you find routines that you can stick to and that help you get where you are going and not where people tell you that you should be going.


You can eat all the salad you want and do downward-facing-dog until your arms fall off, but if you still have a long list of bad habits poisoning your mind and/or body, you are not going to make sustainable progress. Learn what to add and what to remove from your life to move toward a state of happiness.

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